We can advise + create the right Indigenous Elements for any Ceremony or occasion. 

Our Guardians advise, create + share 

traditional ceremonial aspects to add to openings, weddings, births, funerals + all of the celebratory stage of life.

Ancient Aboriginal traditions such as sacred water ceremonies to bind + to bond. 

Smoking ceremonies to cleanse, renew + begin again to welcome new energy.

A vibration ceremony, perfect for a large number of people to uniformly create energy for communication in joy + love to the ancestors in the earth.

This is an ancient ritual of communication with the earth through 'vibration'. It allows folks to send their thoughts/prayers into the Earth to communicate love + joy. 

Vows/ Ceremonial Events in Language

We can also assist in adding authentic Aboriginal language from this nation to your event. 

We were asked to provide Indigenous Elements to others in Australia + now we help others imbue their vows with authentic Aboriginal traditions. 

Let us share this ancient country cultural with you to connect you to this land. 


Currie Country

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