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Through Our Eyes

Allow our family to share our country + make it personal. We travel together, two days + one night. 

Day 1. Walking country on easy tracks - discovering natural tribal boundaries of country + reading of land, including Tracks, Travel, Trespass + Trade lines. Visiting cave sites, tool making sites, scarred trees, + sacred areas important to both women + men*

Traditional fishing + hunting + gathering of salt water + fresh water foods. Experience traditional ways to gather foods + learn about  water boomerangs + distinctive salt water people.

Evening Experience - night around a campfire, talking astronomy + reading of stars, lunar cycles, weather prediction, season calendars, learning ancient art of distance calculations through the stars. Evidence suggests Aboriginal people are world first astronomers (Haynes 1992).

Talkin' Art Interpretation + Aboriginal Lore systems + medical knowledges. while experiencing traditional cooking styles. 

Day 2 - We walk + talk through song line stories visiting sites + exploring ancient farming + engineering. Finishing the day around lunchtime. 

'A sophisticated genuine cultural immersion experience for people with a global view + a thirst for knowledge'  

Currie Country

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