Beach view with a tree in Burleigh Heads


Through Our Eyes


  • Rest, Recovery and Restoration Week

    Starts Aug 31

    2,800 Australian dollars
  • Riverside moon ceremony, sharing circles every new moon and full moon.

    Monday, Sunday

    Duration Varies

    10 Australian dollars
  • Come share a day with Aboriginal Traditional Owners women.

    Thursday, Sunday

    Duration Varies

    220 Australian dollars
  • River Foraging followed by visit to Pocket Herbs, Native tasting.

    180 Australian dollars
  • 1 hr

    10 Australian dollars
  • Cultural guide, and ecological experience of Cudgen Creek

    80 Australian dollars


    2 hr 30 min

    80 Australian dollars
  • Payment Plan optional


    2 hr

    120 Australian dollars
  • Free 15-minute telephone call to discuss your organisation needs

    1 hr

  • Do you feel comfortable with your team members

    1 hr

    90 Australian dollars
  • Supporting our community

    1 hr

    120 Australian dollars
  • To access our careers you will are required to register.

    15 min

Taste the Gibbum (Sold Out)

Taste the Gibbum w Pipit + Thomas E S Kelly (Karul Projects) - Nov 2020