Currie Country offers a rich cultural learning experience for a variety of age groups that are facilitated by industry trained professionals with years of experience in the education sector.

The cultural immersion experiences can be personalised for a particular age group or you can choose from one of our incredibly enriching programs that have been tailored and implemented with outstanding results in curriculum-based school settings and within the Early Years Learning Framework fundamentals.

All of our programs are facilitated by authentic Traditional Owners with extensive community knowledge and high levels of education + experience in their field.

Our programs are designed as both a stand-alone workshop or a continuance of cultural education + knowledge with each stage of content designed to enhance the previous learning material.

We centre the child as an active participant in the world around them.

Extensive research has been done to ensure that ACARA outcomes are identified as well as the EYLF guidelines. Both frameworks readily lend themselves to the diverse and unique cultural concepts and structures of Aboriginal pedagogy and that Aboriginal culture enhances + benefits each key learning areas resulting in incredible outcomes for children of all ages.

We aim to integrate + enliven the knowledge + culture of our incredibly rich + diverse land to provide a strong foundation that recognises the limitless potential our cultural landscape offers to the internal + external growth of our children.


Currie Country

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