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Currie Country on Radio

Currie Country live on 101.3FM

Did you know Currie Country, along with 101.3FM has radio programs lead by Indigenous voices available for everyone to tune in to?


If you are genuinely interested in learning more about Currie Country, Aboriginal culture and traditions, you can visit Memphis Mayhem on digital radio Radio Garden HERE. Or tune in live on 101.3FM on Sunday mornings.

This space is a great opportunity to engage with Currie Country and the community. Do you have any topics in mind that we should cover? Are you of Indigenous background and would like to be a radio announcer or host? You can contact the Station Manager to express your interest on


We also have past episodes of Arabella's show available for you to listen to on Youtube. 

Tales of the Tweed hosted by Arabella

Tales of the Tweed is the history of the Tweed region. Arabella provides an incite into the regions land, indigenous culture, foods, climate and what make the Tweed such a great place to live and visit.

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