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Genuine connections through immersive experiences

Currie Country is one of the leading First Nations organisations that offer Cultural Immersion Experiences - Education - Environmental Expertise - Native Food and so much more. 


Family centred and led by smart, creative women, Currie Country is spearheaded by CEO Arabella Douglas. Our vision is an economically and environmentally sustainable future where we can share traditions, beliefs, culture and help others embrace and understand Aboriginal worldview.


We foster relationships and intercultural exchanges.

Explore our site to learn more about Currie Country, a leading family from one of the largest Traditional Owner Families within the Aboriginal Yugambeh Bundjalung nations of South East QLD and Far North NSW (Gold Coast and Tweed Surrounds).

We are the descendants of James and Ellen Currie.


Learn about our 60,000+ year old history, our values and our Aboriginal knowledge systems that exists.

We welcome collaborators from all walks of life to connect and form genuine connections with Currie Country to co-create the future. 

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