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CC Aboriginal Education Circle

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This program is designed for parents, carers, Aboriginal teachers and conscious avid learners who wish to work at their own pace and begin a journey of enjoying and understanding Aboriginal systems, nations, history and culture. This program relates to national, global and pan Indigenous theory although is primarily focused on local information, local topography, and clans of the the Bundjalung Yugembeh Nations of far north NSW and South East QLD Byron, Tweed, Gold Coast). This program is self paced although we recommend you follow the Aboriginal seasons and aim to complete each season within 30-60 days as you follow moon cycles, star constellations and plant life to dictate observation and learning of Aboriginal systems. The course will encourage environmental interaction and engagement, with your local area, so that Aboriginal systems come to life for you and your family. This course will require self reflection as you consider ancestry, heritage and nationality and begin to connect ancient worlds and colonial impact. The aim of the program is to connect you to Australia completely knowing yourself, and appreciating and respecting the continent and the its First Nations peoples their systems, sciences, languages, and patters of connection and seeing your relationship to these life sustaining values, and rhythms. This program is for those that wish to be the change, conscious minded future creating community members.

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2の有効なプラン, A$25.00 /週より


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