Explore our site to learn more about the Currie Country from one of the largest Traditional Owner Families within the Aboriginal Yugembeh Bundjalaung nations of South East QLD, and Far North NSW.
We are the descendants of James and Ellen Currie. Learn about our history, our connections our country, and our Aboriginal knowledge systems that exist in the Tweed Coast as you connect to the country we call 'Currie Country'.

We offer Cultural Immersion Experience - Education - Environmental Expertise

Our vision is to lead from our Nation

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If you would like to collaborate feel free to get in touch.

Learning and embracing Indigenous values of eco above ego is a practice and we encourage you to join us on Full Moon Cruise or a New Moon River Bank Event every month. 


We practice how to manage self,  connect with self + the practice of communication to the Earth for knowledge, guidance + sense of security that you are worthy, you are valued + you are loved by something far greater than yourself.  We share Aboriginal philosophy, Aboriginal spirituality values, and Aboriginal sciences for you to gain insight into our culture, understanding it juxtaposed against the world's ancient cultures and beliefs.



Mindfulness is connected to the magic of inner harmony, experience cultural connection on a guided learning sharing experience. 

These events are pivately curated, and are created with you.


We are currently offering 2022


Jiran (Seven Sisters),  Nyah (Senses), and Baya (Come into view)

A private retreat over one or a few days - developed to ignite and inspire. We partner with private chefs, offer a private island for you and your guests, explore country, and waterways  while 


Enquiries can be made via Tweed Eco Cruises  07 - 5536 8800 




Most Indigenous nations have natural topographical boundaries.


Currie Country is bounded by the Logan River (QLD) to the North, the Brunswick River (NSW) in the South + West to the Albert River (QLD).

These rivers flow North to South via the Rous River. The connection of these waterways is Currie Country. Jame's + Ellen's eight surviving children were all born 'on country'.

We respectfully call these Elders the


'Solum Eight'.

Learn more about Aboriginal boundaries, history, totems, land lore, and culture by joining us in an CC Experience, or sign up for CC Education.  

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Aboriginal Values, Philosophy and Theology 

Currie Country Thinkers Circle 

A conversation circle that meets monthly (full moon and new moon), and explores Aboriginal philosophy, Aboriginal sciences to help shape and understand the principles of eco before ego. 

Supported by online class and access to teaching videos, resources and an intimate community.



A wonderful journey for conscious parents, and caregivers, Aboriginal educators, change-makers, and those seeking to create new communities and #bethechange


Blessings, Connection Ceremonies, Language, Women's Events, Welcome to Country and Minyungbal language speakers. 

Connect to home - Connect to self - Connet to Spirit

Aboriginal Values Into Practice

Learn more bout these practices, the conscious thinking involved by joining Currie Country Thinking Circle.

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Native Food Systems, Health, and Healing 

Learn about seasons, food systems, and native food uses.

Buy Native Food in our Online Shop or visit us at local markets weekly

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CC Native Foods Circle 




Visit Native Food with Currie Country at Pocket Herbs (Burringbah)

River Forage to Farm Experience  

Enquires 07 55 36 8800

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