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Native Food with Currie Country(c)

Native Foods with Currie Country (C)

'Officially' launched May 2021 after joining forces with Pocket Herbs in February 2020.

This is a very exciting time with the aim to provide a deeply enriching experience for Currie Country's brilliant 'alchemist' chef creator community of Tweed, Byron, and Gold Coast.


The focus is on creativity, history, Aboriginal lores and systems to influence what chefs bring to their diner, and the Australian palate, combined with principles to create a thriving cooperative community between Aboriginal people, local communities, and curated dining experience which speaks to nuance and beauty of Native Foods.   


'We are creating a knowledge base that will enhance the use of Native Foods  and bring a new awareness of texture and taste to tables'.

We are setting the standard with ethical practices, between First Nations foraging rights, paying 'black tax' to other sovereign nations in distribution, and elevating hand foraged food for the exquisite dining experience.  

Currie Country is leading educating, and inspiring our local Chefs to ensure Aboriginal knowledge systems are at the heart of understanding, practice principles. 

Currie Country Practices Food Sovereignty

The full range of Native Foods with Currie Country is available online at

Chefs Tours are available by email to  


Education for chefs and their teams or suppliers in the region also can be arranged. 


Other Natives by arrangement only*


Murun (emu eggs) Season April-Sept

Foraged natives (beach and river)*


Bunya Bunya Nuts

Barilla Saltbush

Old Man Saltbush


River Mint


Sea Blite

Sea Parsley

Sea Purslane

Warrigal Greens

Buy Online or


Pottsville Beach Markets first Sunday of every month 

Native Foods -Forage + Farm

Book - Friday Only - Twice a Month

The Currie Country Native Food Experience made of 2 parts

Part 1. Private River route tour of foraged foods, Fingal and Stotts Island - departs from Fingal Boat Jetty to Tumbulgum. Move onto a private minibus then to Pocket Herbs Farm. 

Part 2. Pocket Herbs Native Foods tour and  Native Food tasting back to Fingal Boat Jetty.

Can be booked as (Part 1+2) or (Part 2 only).

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