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Indigenous Values - Strengthening Spirit - Women Retreat

Currie Country offers wellness retreats at the Yana (currie country base), in the palm of Night Cap Mountains (Mullumbimby) (a women healing area) to reconnect + re-enliven your connection to your spirit.


Smoking and cleansing of the spirit daily to unclog our energies channel, recall our internal guidance of intuition + gut. Making peace with our own complexity. 


Learning + embracing Indigenous values of eco above ego. We practice how to manage self,  connect with self + the practice of communication to the Earth for knowledge, guidance + sense of security that you are worthy, you are valued + you are loved by something far greater than yourself. 


Mindfulness that is connected to the magic of inner harmony. 

We are hosting our Tidda's Rest Retreat Sept 1- 5  2022 A time for women of colour to rest, recover, and renew our souls and senses as a community.

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Community Resilience

Spirit Work

Join us as a community to meet the sunrise together.

Let us stand in truth and watch the sun set as a community acknowledging the truth of country 

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Fire Lore + Cultural Burning  

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REDEEMING WATERS MOON CEREMONY every new moon + full moon monthly

Water Elixir Moon Ceremonies 


Women Rest Retreat
Opens June 2022  

This experience is designed for women to rest and rejuvenate and reconnect with themselves and with other women who are in the struggle and do not take enough time to love on themselves. Women of Colour are often tired and this is apace to exhale, est, retreat and repair applying Aboriginal rituals of care, calming and connection.   We aim to reconnect with our female energy, marvellous and internal space of care. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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