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Explore our site to learn more about the Currie Country from one of the largest Traditional Owner Families within the Aboriginal Yugembeh Bundjalaung nations of South East QLD, and Far North NSW.
We are the descendants of James + Ellen Currie. Learn about our history, our connections to country + Aboriginal knowledge systems which exist in the Tweed Coast as you connect to the country we call 'Currie Country'.

We offer Cultural Immersion Experience - Education - Environmental Expertise

Our vision is to lead from our Nation

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If you would like to collaborate feel free to get in touch.

Currie Country offers Women Wellness Retreat at the Yana (Currie Country base), in the palm of Night Cap Mountains (Mullumbimby) (a women healing area) to reconnect + re-enliven your connection to your spirit.


Smoking and cleansing of the spirit daily to unclog our energies channel, recall our internal guidance of intuition and gut. Making peace with our own complexity. 


Learning + embracing Indigenous values of eco above ego.

We practice how to manage self,  connect with self + the practice of communication to the Earth for knowledge, guidance + sense of security that you are worthy, you are valued + you are loved by something far greater than yourself. 


Mindfulness is connected to the magic of inner harmony. 

We are hosting our Tidda's Rest Retreat Sept 1- 5  2021 A time for women of colour to rest, recover, and renew our souls and senses as a community. Limited Spots 




Most Indigenous nations have natural topographical boundaries.


Currie Country is bounded by the Logan River (QLD) to the North, the Brunswick River (NSW) in the South + West to the Albert River (QLD).

These rivers flow North to South via the Rous River. The connection of these waterways is Currie Country. Jame's + Ellen's eight surviving children were all born 'on country'.

We respectfully call these Elders the


'Solum Eight'.

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Blessings, Connection Ceremonies, Language, Women's Events

Connect to home - Connect to self - Connet to Spirit

Aboriginal Values Into Practice

We have a number of Currie Elders, creators, language speakers, and educators who are available to ground purpose to place.


Country to Community.  


Aboriginal Values, Philosophy and Theology 

The Beginning

The Learning

The Way Forward

Join - CC Thinkers Circle 

A conversation circle that meets monthly and explores philosophy, and Aboriginal sciences to help shape and understand the principles of eco before ego. 

People to Place.

Place to Presence.



Land Plans, Cultural Burns Plans + Execution.


Heritage Advising 

Land Lore

Native Food, Health and Healing 

Join- CC Native Foods Circle

Native Food with Currie Country

Foraging Experiences +Food Systems 

Tropical Leaves


Explore, Discover, Renew

Share our country through our eyes, activating your understanding + love for culture.


Adopt the practices, imbue the spiritual connection into your ceremony of love, or just journey with us, to renew your understanding of the place we call home.

Choose an immersion experience, to enhance your education, apply Aboriginal Land Lore knowledge to your lands and your life. 

'You are never as important as the ocean'

Jane Currie


Since Forever

Traditional Owners have always managed their large estates. Since 1788 we have been sharing our country, our knowledge + our spiritual values to live in balance. 


We invite you to learn through our eyes on our country in managing your lands, your home your communities. 




Getting married on country, renewing connection, age ceremonies, birth or death.


We invite you to adopt cultural aspects + add some sacred elements to make your commitment on our country aligned with our Indigenous values so your spirit belongs to this land forever.


We share with you the embrace of country.


Time Immemorial

Creating a new way means revealing hidden histories + integrating culture into all life's classrooms, centring a child in Indigenous values of connection to place and present so that the future of Australia is not burdened by past misdeeds.

We can assist the individual or business in the learning + unlearning journey.


We have now partnered with Pocket Herbs Burringbah NSW to develop and inspire growing Natives applying Ancient Aboriginal Land Knowledge.