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Thanks for visiting! Explore our site to learn more about the Currie Country from one of the Traditional Owner Families from the Aboriginal nation within South East QLD, + Far North NSW.
We are the descendants of James + Ellen Currie. Learn about our history, our connections to country + what we have to offer you, as you connect to the country we call 'Currie Country'. If you have questions or would like to discuss an opportunity to work together, feel free to get in touch.



Currie Country Boundaries

Most Indigenous nations have natural topographical boundaries. Currie Country is bounded by the Logan River (QLD) to the North, the Tweed River (NSW) in the South + West to the Albert River (QLD).

These rivers flow North to South via the Rous River. The connection of these waterways is Currie Country. Jame's + Ellen's eight surviving children were all born 'on country'.

We respectfully call these Elders the 'Solum Eight'.



Explore, Discover, Renew

Share our country through our eyes, activating your understanding + love for culture. Adopt the practices, imbue the spiritual connection into your ceremony of love, or just journey with us, to renew your understanding of the place we call home.



Since Forever

Traditional Owners have always travelled, crossed + walked their country. Since 1788 we have been sharing our country, our knowledge + our spiritual values. We invite you to an intimate experience of sharing + learning through our eyes on our country.


Since Always

Getting married on country, we invite you to adopt some cultural aspects + add some sacred elements to make your commitment on our country aligned with our Indigenous values so your spirit belongs to this land forever. We share with you the embrace of country.


Since Time Immemorial

Creating a new way means revealing hidden histories + integrating culture into all life's classrooms so that the future of Australia is not burdened by past misdeeds. We can assist in the learning + unlearning journey.




Currie Country offers a rich cultural learning experience for a variety of age groups that are facilitated by industry trained professionals with years of experience in the education sector.
These cultural immersion experiences can be personalised for a particular age group or you can choose from one of our incredibly enriching programs that have been tailored and implemented with outstanding results in curriculum-based school settings and within the Early Years Learning Framework fundamentals.
All of our programs are facilitated by authentic Traditional Owners with extensive community knowledge and high levels of education + experience in their field.
Our programs are designed as both a stand-alone workshop or a continuance of cultural education + knowledge with each stage of content designed to enhance the previous learning material. We centre the child as an active participant in the world around them.
Extensive research has been done to ensure that ACARA outcomes are identified as well as the EYLF guidelines. Both frameworks readily lend themselves to the diverse and unique cultural concepts and structures of Aboriginal pedagogy and that Aboriginal culture enhances + benefits each key learning areas resulting in incredible outcomes for children of all ages.
children and a nation.
Here at Currie Country we want to integrate the knowledge and culture of our incredibly rich and diverse land to provide a strong foundation that recognises the limitless potential our cultural landscape offers to the internal and external growth of our children.


We can advise + create the right Indigenous Elements for any Ceremony or occasion. 

Our Guardians advise, create + share 

traditional ceremonial aspects to add to openings, weddings, births, funerals + all of the celebratory stage of life.

Ancient Aboriginal traditions such as sacred water ceremonies to bind + to bond. 

Smoking ceremonies to cleanse, renew + begin again to welcome new energy.

A vibration ceremony, perfect for a large number of people to uniformly create energy for communication in joy + love to the ancestors in the earth.

This is an ancient ritual of communication with the earth through 'vibration'. It allows folks to send their thoughts/prayers into the Earth to communicate love + joy. 

Vows/ Ceremonial Events in Language

We can also assist in adding authentic Aboriginal language from this nation to your event. 

We were asked to provide Indigenous Elements to others in Australia + now we help others imbue their vows with authentic Aboriginal traditions. 

Let us share this ancient country cultural with you to connect you to this land. 


We bring together our Currie family university experts in anthropology, archaeology, Aboriginal Studies, education, history + theology +lore to share a new perspective of reading country + reading stars + seeing a new Australia revealed before your eyes.


Activate your connection to land -

Allow our family to share our country through A Cultural Immersion Experience + make it personal. Join us as we travel together, two days + one night on a 4wd tour, glamping/camping overnight in a national park + experiencing the fun of food gathering + deep cultural learning. 

'A sophisticated genuine cultural immersion experience for people with a global view + a thirst for knowledge'  

Join Rory Togo + experience Didgeridoo making + learning to play this ancient male instrument.

Cultural Elements to Celebrate + imbue your event with the world oldest culture, rituals + incorporate elements that anchor your celebration + spirit to this country. Weddings, births, + creating a connection to country from traditional owners. 



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'You are never as important as the ocean'

Jane Currie



Tweed Valley NSW


Currie Country

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