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A Message from Louise Doran in Regards to NSW Elections March 25, 2023

The Independent Candidate for the Lismore Electorate, Allen Crosthwaite strongly supports returning rail services to the Casino to Murwillumbah rail line.

Animal Justice Party candidates support rail, walking and cycling. The Lismore Candidate is Vanessa Rosayro. The Tweed Candidate is Susie Hearder.

In the Ballina Electorate the Sustainable Australia Party candidate, Peter Jenkins, supports reopening state based rail networks and the multi-use option for the rail line.

All other parties support destroying the Casino to Murwillumbah train line, worth billions, for 'cycling tourism' over the transport needs of local communities and millions of tourists. This is the equivalent of pouring petrol on the fire. Our first priority must be to urgently reduce our emissions, particularly from road transport, to prevent further climate disasters such as our community experienced just one year ago.

Any candidate, or party, who puts our communities in danger of further climate disasters by supporting 'cycling tourism' over Trains On Our Tracks, are unwilling, or unable, to represent the needs of our communities. World scientists are warning we have little time to combat global warming.

'Cycling tourism' does not reduce traffic or carbon emissions. It's bringing more people to the region in large gas guzzling vehicles with their expensive bicycles on the back.

- Louise Doran

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