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Farewell, Uncle

Public Invitation An event to honour and celebrate Uncle's life Join us in celebrating the incredible life of Uncle on Sunday the 21st of May at 11am at Ngarindyn/North Byron Parklands. Please bring a plate to share, something to sit on and dress however you are comfortable.

It is with a very heavy heart the family share the passing of Uncle last month. Out of respect for his children, we have respected their space and grieving at this time. Uncle led a profound life of curiosity, education, cultural rebuilding and creativity. We are grateful for his love, sharing and caring for so many. He was pivotal in leading the Lilly line and the whole Currie family in language and lore. We will be forever grateful. We share our love and respect for children, and feel for their pain. Uncle's incredible art will live on, and it in his art that his sensitivity and sentiment for culture is so beautifully expressed. Uncle was a genuine guide in culture, and we will continue to honour his teachings and sharing. He spoke to our old people often so his journey is not one of fear, it is one of reuniting with kin, with family with the ancestors. To his children and all of Aunty Lilly line –– we love you, and share your pain as kin. Vale Uncle Rest in Power

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