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Bundjalung Nation Flood Response

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

We are a continent of many different First Nations countries. To understand the land, the waterways, the seasons, the natural ebbs and flows of this continent, we must pay respect and acknowledge First Nations knowledge and sciences.

The Bundjalung Nation Flood Response is a joint effort of Jali LALC, Bogal LALC, Bandjalung Native Tiltle Group, Currie Country Group and Currie Country Social Change Aboriginal Corporation.

Chris Binge (CEO Jali LALC Widjabul Wia Bul Man Bundjalung Nation), Rebecca Woods (CEO Bogal LALC Quandmooka Woman), Arabella Douglas (CEO Currie Country Group, Currie Country Social Change Aboriginal Corporation, Minyungbal Woman, Bundjalung Nation) acknowledge and pay deep respect to the enduring and unbroken relationship of all the First Nation communities and clans of the unceded Aboriginal Nations.

This is what needs to be done by all Governments now, and the steps for serious deliberate change to support First Nations sciences and systems to lead the Bundjalung Nation out of climate crisis. As supporters of First Nations sciences and with the power and ability to affect change, we respectfully request that you share this work across all of your networks.

The movement has started and we must continue to engage to increase momentum. Together, we need to act and put in changes to meet the challenges of the climate crisis. We must re-set our relationship with First Nations knowledge systems at the core of our shared future.

Please tweet, post, and share generously.

About Currie Country Social Change

Founded by descendants of the original custodians of parts of the Tweed and SE Queensland, members of the Bundjalung and Yugambeh Nations, Currie Country Social Change seeks to open pathways for intergenerational change through a sustainable future:

  • economic participation

  • environmental and natural resource management and

  • spiritual connection to country. We seek to

  • To lead for the benefit of all

  • To help others change their views

Currie Country Social Change will support and engage in culturally-centred advocacy for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples in the Northern NSW and SE Qld regions, where that advocacy will assist in improving the circumstances of vulnerable community members.

Connect with Currie Country Social Change

Instagram: @ccsocialchange

Please be aware of impersonators! These are the only Currie Country Social Change networks.

The Artist - Konstantina

We are grateful to Konstantina for the beautiful art throughout this important work. Konstantina is an emerging contemporary Aboriginal artist. She is re-imagining the traditions of her peoples’ dot painters and providing a modern narrative for all Australians to better understand First Nations People as an immensely important part of the fabric in Australian culture.

Connect with Konstantina


Download the Bundjalung Nation Flood Response PDF linked below and please share widely with your networks.

A Bundjalung Nation Response - NSW Flood Inquiry July 2022
Download PDF • 26.62MB

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